Client Services Overview

Boca Biolistics Reference Laboratory is committed to provide elite customer service to you. When you call Boca Biolistics Reference Laboratory, you will immediately speak with a staff member, not a recorded phone tree. Our Client Service staff is knowledgeable, experienced, and ready to assist with whatever you may need. We love to hear from our clients, so please let us know how we can best assist you. Our regular Client Service hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:00AM to 11:00PM EST, and we also have a dedicated after hours Client Services representative for urgent needs. We look forward to speaking with you.


1-844-561-BBRL (2275)

Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM EST


5001 NW 13th Ave, Bay H

Pompano Beach, FL 33064

Client Services Commitment

With Boca Biolistics Reference Laboratory being a research driven organization due to our affiliation with our CRO & Biobank sister company, we value the relationship we have with our clients and partners. More than anything else, we believe that person-to-person interaction is the best way to conduct business. No more phone trees and no more long hold times; we are here for you. When you call us, a highly valued member of our client services team will pick up the phone and immediately provide any assistance that you may need.

We are taking the stress out of reference lab services so that you can focus on your work, not ours!

New Account Setup

Before sending your first specimen to Boca Biolistics Reference Laboratory, an account needs to be established. Sending in a specimen without an established account can lead to delayed turnaround times as we will hold any results until the account set up is complete. We offer direct billing (client bill) as this helps avoid any potential delays in specimen processing and simplifies the ordering process. Boca Biolistics Reference Laboratory will directly bill the reference laboratory or hospital for patient testing ordering by the facility. To set up a direct bill account, please contact us at 1-844-561-BBRL to speak with a representative today.

Ordering Methods

At Boca Biolistics Reference Laboratory, we offer three convenient ways to order tests with us.

  1. We have the capability to fully integrate and interface with your existing LIS/EHR/EMR
  2. We offer web based ordering through our fully interactive LIS outreach software, Orchard Copia. Please visit our login page here.
  3. We can offer you traditional paper requisitions, custom tailored and printed for your diagnostics ordering needs

Please note that you will need an existing account set up with BBRL to order any tests. Please call us at 1-844-561-BBRL to get started.

Reporting Methods

At Boca Biolistics Reference Laboratory, we offer many different ways for you to receive your results and customize the below in any way you need to meet your organizations needs.

  1. We can email results right to you! That is right: a password protected laboratory patient result can be delivered directly to your email inbox the minute that Boca Biolistics Reference Laboratory has a final report for you.
  2. We can fax the results directly to you.
  3. We can deliver PDF results directly to a specified directory on your network.
  4. We can set up a printer to automatically print all new results right in your office.
  5. You will receive all reports directly in Copia as well.

Specimen Rejection Prevention

Boca Biolistics Reference Laboratory is committed to proactively collaborate with our clients to prevent/reduce specimen rejections. On a regular basis, we monitor the frequency, quantity, and cause of rejections on a client-by-client basis to identify areas of potential improvement and trends. We reserve the right to refuse improperly labeled specimens in order to maintain specimen integrity. BBRL takes measures to maintain specimen integrity during the process of following up on the receipt of an improperly identified specimen. BBRL recognizes that, in certain cases where the specimen is less common, involves an invasive procedure or could not otherwise be easily recollected, it may be acceptable to apply an exception to specimen rejection. Exceptions are applied using explicit and strict criteria in accordance with established procedures.

Generally, improperly identified specimens are not discarded until the client is notified. The high number of specimens received by BBRL makes it impossible to positively identify mislabeled specimens and to maintain specimen integrity.

General Rejection Criteria

Unlabeled Specimens

  • Unlabeled specimens will not be tested with Boca Biolistics Reference Laboratory in most circumstances.
  • Common specimen types (blood, urine, swabs, sputum, stool, etc.) which can be easily recollected and cannot with certainty be identified, will always require recollection.
  • Specimens which are less common and more difficult to recollect (tissues, fluids, CSF, etc.) will require the person who collected them to identify the specimen and sign a waiver assuming responsibility for the identification of the specimen.
  • If the person responsible for collecting the specimen is unable with certainty to identify the specimen, the client will be notifed, the test will be cancelled, and the specimen will be either discarded or returned to the client.

Mislabeled Specimens

  • Mislabeled specimens will not be tested with Boca Biolistics Reference Laboratory in most circumstances.
  • Specimens which are labeled with the wrong patient’s name compared to that of the accompanying requisition or with a different patient’s ID number, the same criteria as for unlabeled specimens will apply.
  • The final decision on whethere or not a test will be ran will be made by the Chief Medical Officer of Boca Biolistics Reference Laboratory.

Incorrect Container or Preservative

  • Specimens received in an incorrect container, or without appropriate preservative, which would invalidate the results, will not be ran by BBRL. Recollection will be required. The client will be notified.

Insufficient Specimen for Test(s)

  • If insufficient specimen is received for all tests ordered and the specimen is easily recollectable (urine, stool, sputum, blood, etc.), BBRL will request a repeat collection. Test(s) for which there is sufficient specimen will be performed.
  • If the specimen is not easily recollectable (CSF, fluids, etc.), the ordering physician will be contacted to establish a priority order of tests to be performed.

Unsuitable Specimen for Test(s)

  • Specimens which are received and are unsuitable for the procedure requested (blood for sputum test, urine for blood tests, etc.) or if the specimen has been in transit too long for a valid result, the specimen will be rejected. The client will be informed so a proper specimen can be collected.